I finally got a chance to play Pokemon X, and I was really impressed. At first, I hated the 3D idea but once I played it, I fell love with the game! I can’t really remember how excited I was to play a game like this but it was a good feeling. I’m really considering buy Y now, and I’m definitely looking forward to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire! 

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R.I.P Rob! Gone but never forgotten!

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The end is near! The grand finale of The Young Blood Chronicles will premiere in its entirety on May 21st at 9pm est on Palladia. It’ll be commercial free and will include the last videos in the series…not to mention an appearance by the one and only Elton John. The full uncut version will be online soon afterwards. Stoked for you guys to see it! watch the trailer below, and tune in to find out how it all ends.

p.s. We’re also releasing a limited edition DVD of the ybc (more on that soon!).

let the countdown begin…

Catch up on parts 1-9 of The Young Blood Chronicles

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